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Podcast: How to Optimize Your Sleep Routine

MAR 1, 2018

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Stage 1 of the sleep cycle (2:58)
  • Stage 2 of the sleep cycle – memory consolidation and synaptic pruning (5:20)
  • Stage 3 of the sleep cycle – Healing, growth and repair (13:25)
  • Stage 4 of the sleep cycle – REM sleep (16:30)
  • How stress impacts the sleep cycle (22:28)
  • Brain networks and how they affect cognitive function and energy (24:44)
  • How not getting optimal sleep affects our health (38:25)
  • Optimal sleep times and why they matter (44:15)
  • The optimal time for exercise (50:00)
  • How to maximize growth hormone (55:20)
  • How sleep affects our appetite and weight (64:17)
  • Indicators of optimal sleep (66:15)

Podcast: Improve Your Capacity to Handle Stress

NOV 13, 2017

Jason is joined by Naturopathic Doctor Jessica Eastman to discuss the science of stress and the key foundations for improving our capacity to handle stress. Other topics of conversation include intermittent fasting, anxiety, and so much more.