As You Are: A Discussion on the Mind & Mindfulness

February 22, 2018 at Kit and Ace, 2235 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

Presented by Kit and Ace West 4th and The Juicery Co., mediated by Calley Bailey of Freed Wellness. 

Featuring panelists:

Carey Dillen, President of YYOGA

Merial Anderson, PsyD Psychology Candidate,

Dr. Jessica Eastman, Naturopathic Doctor


girls backpack fall .jpeg

Fall Reset

All workshops will take place from 7-8pm, at The Juicery Co. at 4236 Main St., Vancouver

A four-part wellness series that highlights a few of the common struggles we face when it's time to get back on a "normal" schedule and return to work or school. Each session will be on one specific topic, and will present information and research about what's happening in the body, how obstacles in our environment and life can challenge our physiology, and discuss some practical, accessible ways to help you function more optimally in those realms. 

October 3: Regulating Your Sleep Cycle 

October 24: Science of Stress & Anxiety

November 14: Boosting Focus & Concentration 

December 5: Optimizing Creativity


Optimizing Creativity

October 20th 7-9pm @ SPACE - 552 Clark Drive, Vancouver

An interactive workshop that presents information and research about the day-to-day obstacles to our creative process, how they arise, and how making healthier choices can reduce the likelihood of these obstacles occurring. This workshop will teach you about the neuroscience of stress and creativity, and how to use our understanding of the nervous system to biohack your way to becoming more creative. 

Attendees will then learn how to optimize their creativity through plant-based medicine and a greater awareness of their health. Jessica will highlight 15 common plants that can be used to assist you in reaching optimal creativity. These plants can be used to create your own custom creativity-optimizing blend, and each attendee will receive a CreativiTEA blend to take home.